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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Traveling to get a meal...

Abbie and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary last night by going to Minerva's in Sioux Falls. This was our first time going there and we were impressed! The service was top notch, friendly and expedient. The evening was fabulous.

We started things off with their House Salads. It was a salad. All I'll say. Then we had an appetizer of a sesami and pepper seared tuna steak that had some wasabi, seaweed salad and sesame crackers. AMAZING! Totally hit the spot. Its been a while since I had tuna and I was not disappointed. The outside had a nice sear while the inside was still very rare and very delicious. The seaweed salad was very impressive in flavor with just enough soy and sesame oil to set it off.

Along came our main courses, Abbie had a grilled salmon steak with a lemon-honey bernaise sauce with asiago mashed potatoes and I had a roast duck halfling with lingonberry sauce and some sort of rice that I think had millet and other veggies and grains in it. Abbie's salmon and potatoes were great or so she claimed. My duck was ok.  I cannot be 100% sure but I am pretty sure it was a frozen, pre-cooked duck  thawed and thrown in the friar then topped with sauce. The sauce was decent. The duck could have been better. It was a touch overcooked and slightly mushy. I was still happy to be eating duck, it seems like its out of style these days. The rice/grain whatever was on my plate was too salty for me to want to eat and tasted like it came from a box.  At least my asparagus spears were cooked properly but they were also a touch heavy on the salt as well.

For dessert we got a large chunk of tiramisu to share. I don't care if it was made in house or out it still hit the spot without being too heavy. A cup of decaf would have hit the spot with it but it was starting to get late and we needed to hit the road.

Despite my meal I would still go back to Minerva's without a moment's hesitation, I would just not get the duck. The meals were very reasonably priced and the total price surprised both Abbie and I in a good way. Living in South Dakota has many perks and one of them is good restaurants are priced very reasonably, the only down side to living in Madison is you have to travel over an hour to get to it.

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